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Manage Tables

by brian.ortiz — last modified Aug 28, 2014 05:31 PM

Tables are a good way to organize lists of data and allows you to put the items into columns instead of simply listing the information.


To eliminate a single long column and forcing the viewer to scroll down to view all items, you can build a table to sort the information. Tables create a grid that you can copy/paste/type and often times also drag (images) content into; and display both text or images side-by-side. There are a few basic table styles to choose from, which control the appearance of the table. Start by editing a page, and click on the insert table icon

Table icon.png

A window will pop up, to let you choose the Table Class. There are several to choose from. Select the number of rows and columns, and write a summary for the table if you would like.


Now you have several options:

  • select amount of columns and rows desired
  • select what type of table lines you want under class
  • select if you want the table to be left, right or center aligned under the advance tab

Once you click on insert: A tiny grid will show up, but the table will re-size itself as you type text into the appropriate cells. When you are finished, simply save the page and you can see the result!

You can even enter links, images, videos inside each field of the table. Playing around with this is the easiest way to get comfortable! Go play, you can always select and delete!!