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QuickStart: Ready, Set, GO ...

by jens — last modified Jul 16, 2015 05:03 AM
This How-to explains how you get a Slider with minimal effort on a prepared Plone Website with all needed Addons installed and configured. You need to be able to create ListingCollections which show listings to make the Slider work. If you have problems with this, please contact your Website manager

What is this about?

This is a quick introduction how to manage propertyshelfs MLS Listing sliders (ps.plone.jssor), an Addon that allows to show Real Estate Listings with image and text from our MLS with a wide range of customizable features. It is based on the library of

What do you need to get started?

  • a valid login to the Plone Real Estate website. Please login.
  • a ListingCollection/ FeaturedListings to provide the Listings for the Slider. Create or choose any and copy its URL.
  • a Folder, Page or cover startpage where the Slider should show up. Navigate to this location.

Let's GO!

  1. You are on the content you want to show the Slider on. In the green Edit-bar you will find a tab called "Actions". Click it!

  2. Click "Activate Listing Slider (top)"

    In the Edit-bar of a content choose "Actions" and then "Activate Listing Slider"

  3. Page will reload and you will get 2 notifications:
    After activation you receive notifications

  4. Click "Configure Listing Slider" Tab in the Edit-bar
    Configure the ListingSlider

  5. "Slider Contents" config

    The configuration page just opens, we need to tell the Slider where to get the listings from.

    Configure the items showing up in the slider

  6. Have a "Content Provider"

    The field "Content Provider" is the only setting we HAVE to set to make the slider work. We need to paste an URL path to a ListingCollection, FeaturedListings or RecentListings we created earlier on our website. This Content Provider uses its own configuration to select the Listings to show. In other words: what you see on the ListingCollection/ FeaturedListings/ RecentListings is what shows up in the slides. If you have problems this setups, please read about it here.
    The Content Provider should ONLY have ListingCollection OR FeaturedListings OR RecentListings activated.
    A visitor clicking a Listings banner will go to the Content Provider to see the ListingDetails, so ensure that it have a good SEO friendly URL and AgentInfo and AgentContact portlets activated.
    To ensure the Listings are visible to regular visitors, make sure the Content Provider is published, otherwise the Slider stays empty.

  7. Path to "Content Provider"

    We need traversable path of the form "/website_name/path_to_content_provider" which is the last part of a full URL. It's better explained with a common example: Our ListingCollection have a URL as:
    Our resulting path we need to add is /flamingocostarica_com/vacation-rentals
    Once you have this path set, SAVE & TEST the result

Inspect Slider and customize it

the following chapters will cover the different settings you may want to customize and improve.

Deactivate Slider

If you don't want the slider anymore, just deactivate it within the "Action" Tab

Navigate to Slider

click "Actions" Tab in the Edit-bar

click "Deactivate Listing Slider (top)"