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Installation & Preparations or "What to do when there is no Slider option?"

by jens — last modified Jul 16, 2015 05:42 AM
This section explains which software requirements and configuration steps need to be fit to successful enable the Slider feature.

System requirements

The following Addons need to be available to use the full featureset of the new Slider

  • Plone * >4.2
  • ps.plone.jssor * (Slider Addon)
  • * (for ListingCollection & RecentListings)
  • (for FeaturedListings)
  • collective.cover (for Real Estate startpages)

* = required for basic functionality

Installed Addons

Are all needed addons installed yet? Please note that the posted version nr. will progress over time and newer versions of each addon is to prefer.

Go to "Site Setup"

Site Setup page with "Addons" option

Click "Addons"

You will find two lists with all available addons on this website. The first part are the "Available addons".

Addons Controlpanel with available addons list

If you find one the items below in this list, install it by checking its checkbox in front, scroll down to the "Activate" button and click it.

activate addon button

This Addon allows us to create ListingCollections and RecentListings as Content Provider for our Slider.


This is the actual Slider. Without this installed you will not see the "Listing Slider (top)" option in the "Actions" Tab.


This addon allows us to add FeaturedListings as Content Provider to the Slider. If we want a predefined list of listings as Slider Cpntent, we need this Addon installed.


This addon allows to add custom startpages and is current standard in building customer specific content solutions. The Slider supports a positioning within a cover page. More information on the use of cover you find here.