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Configuration: Slider Contents

by jens — last modified Jul 16, 2015 10:34 AM
This How-to explains the "Slider Contents" settings in detail. These options are the most important features for the overall performance. You reach this settings when you click on "Configure Listing Slider (top)" as default or choose it in the settings selectbox


Configure the items showing up in the slider

Slider Headline

- optional -

 You can set any text to be rendered as a headline above the slider.

ListingSlider: Headline

Slider Position

- required -

Is a class which indicates in which area of the website the slider is intended to show. It is important to know that this feature needs to be supported by the theme and so the results of this setting can vary between themes. Propertyshelfs Vanilla-Theme and Realia-Theme both support this feature. The following list explains the intended behavior

aboveContent (default)

The Slider shows up on top of the content column below the breadcrumbs. If portlets are set, they will show up left and right of the Slider

ListingSlider: aboveContent


The Slider shows below the breadcrumbs but above content and portlets. The Slider covers the full width of all contents.



The Slider shows up below the top header and above the main-navigation

ListingSlider: aboveMenu


Content Provider

- required -

The field "Content Provider" is the only setting we HAVE to set to make the slider work. We need to paste an URL path to a ListingCollection, FeaturedListings or RecentListings we created earlier on our website. This Content Provider uses its own configuration to select the Listings to show. In other words: what you see on the ListingCollection/ FeaturedListings/ RecentListings is what shows up in the slides. If you have problems this setups, please read about it here.
The Content Provider should ONLY have ListingCollection OR FeaturedListings OR RecentListings activated.
A visitor clicking a Listings banner will go to the Content Provider to see the ListingDetails, so ensure that it have a good SEO friendly URL and AgentInfo and AgentContact portlets activated.
To ensure the Listings are visible to regular visitors, make sure the Content Provider is published, otherwise the Slider stays empty.

We need traversable path of the form "/website_name/path_to_content_provider" which is the last part of a full URL. It's better explained with a common example: Our ListingCollection have a URL as:
Our resulting path we need to add is /flamingocostarica_com/vacation-rentals

MLS Listing Slider?

- currently useless -

Planned feature to include non-listings as Slide items. Not used right now.

Limit Content Provider Items

- optional -
- default value: 20 -
- Performance Setting -

Set a number to limit the max. result items. This is a key feature to reduce the page-load and speed up the overall perfornance of the website. If no limit is set, 20 is used as fallback, which should be rather smaller then bigger. As a rule of thumb: each listing costs at least 1 second longer page-load time, with slow connections maybe longer. most likely are the last 15 listings are ignored by the visitor but they are downloaded anyway.

Slider Image size

- required -
- default value: large -
- Performance Setting -

This setting defines which image-size is downloaded from the server for each Listing Slide. If the Slider allows to use a smaller image-sizes, the performance can be boosted up to 20 times and way bigger image amounts can be handled with ease. This is an essiential setting for any multi-row or multi-column Slider or any configuration with Slide-sizes smaller 640px.

large (640x640)

  • average image size: 60KB
  • max-width:640px
  • max-height: 640px

preview (400x400)

  • average image size: 35KB
  • max-width:400px
  • max-height: 400px

mini (200x200)

  • average image size: 10KB
  • max-width:200px
  • max-height: 200px

thumb (128x128)

  • average image size: 5KB
  • max-width:128px
  • max-height: 128px

Listing Offset

- optional -
- default:0 -

Number that defines how many items are skipped at the begin of the Content Provider list.

Can be utilized in combination with the item limit option to re-use one Content Provider for different Sliders. Example: A FeaturedListing with 30 Listing items as Content Provider can easily used to get 3 unique Slider. Slider 1 shows Listing 1-10, Slider 2 shows Listing 11-20, Slider 3 shows Listing 21-30 .