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Create & Manage Covers

by brian.ortiz — last modified Dec 18, 2014 09:52 AM
in this video tutorial we create "covers" aka landing pages define its layout. Adding and managing covers is fast and easy, create your own landing pages any way you want

1. Covers Introduced
- General

2. Create Covers, Set Layout & Add Content -
More Detail

Create Real Estate Landing Pages
Customize Property Searches

4. Customize

1. Covers Introduced:


2. How to create Real Estate Landing Pages

Create and Structure the Layout of a Cover

Create Covers aka "Landing Pages"  
Define its Layout

Propertyshelf add ons to integrate & customize search and property displays in covers.

Customize the Integration of Real Estate into your website?

3. Create and Structure Cover, Add Search & Customize Property Searches


4. Customize the Display of Real Estate Listings