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How to Tutorials

by brian.ortiz — last modified Aug 28, 2014 05:41 PM
How to: - create and manage collections, - create and manage web/media pages, - delete content, - use the editor, - rename content, - add and use images, - manage tables

Create & Manage Pages

Creating web pages is an essential task in managing your web site. Now ready to learn the basics of page creation, editing pages, creating hyperlinks, and managing images. We'll also introduce you to the text formatting tools included with Plone.

Create & Manage Pages - Read More…

Use the Editor

Basic options of Editor: When editing the content in your site, you may see fields that have a rich text editor like the one you see below. This editor, called TineMCE, offers many of the features seen in programs like Microsoft Word, giving you many features such as the ability to style your text, create tables and lists, and insert images. This tutorial will explain how to use the editor and what all the buttons on the editor's toolbar do.

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Add & Manage Pictures

Images play a key role in customizing your website. They can potentially be more important than the text in some instances. With your Propertyshelf website, you can add and manipulate photos on your pages in various ways

Add & Manage Pictures - Read More…

Create & Manage Links

Insert, manage and break email, external and internal links

Create & Manage Links - Read More…

Email Forms - Form Folder

Create Questionnaires, Contact Forms and more.

Email Forms - Form Folder - Read More…

Rename Content

How to rename content within your website

Rename Content - Read More…

Delegate Manage User Rights

You have now learned how to create and organize your own content. Now, it's time for you to allow other people to create and edit content on your site. In this section, we will show you how to create Users and Groups, and how to give them specific permissions to add, edit, and view the content on your site.

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Show Additional Information to Users and Visitors

aka Manage Portlets, Navigation, News, Events, Review Lists, Calendar, Log in, Searches, Links and Images, RSS feeds, and much more

Show Additional Information to Users and Visitors - Read More…

Manage Listing Slider

This How-to's will walk you through basic and advanced features and Listing Slider management. Start with the QuickStart if your website is already good to go and you just want to activate/ de-activate the standard features. Dive deeper into the settings of interests to customize the Look&Feel or boost its performance.

Manage Listing Slider - Read More…

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