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Manage Pictures

by Thomas Massmann last modified Aug 18, 2014 06:04 AM
This section explains on how to add, edit, replace and delete pictures from a property listing.

Adding an Image

Manage Images   Add

To Add/Upload an Image onto a listing click "Add Image" on the left hand menu. Then click on "Browse" to locate the picture from your computer that you would like to select and then click "Add".

Each picture must have its own unique title. It is also important to use as many key words as possible in the title and description of the picture so it can be easily found by search engines. For example, if one uploads a picture of the kitchen, the title might read "All-Inclusive Luxury American Style Kitchen." In the description one can elaborate on what is in the kitchen or what makes it so great by including things like double sink, high quality granite countertops, garbage disposal, brand new stainless steel appliance package by GE, large island, wooden cabinetry, etc. Remember, use keywords. Google cannot tell what is in the picture unless you label it.

Manage Images   Browse

Edit, Replace or Delete Image

Manage Images   MenuTo Edit, Replace or Delete a Picture, click on "Manage Pictures" on the left hand. Click on "edit" next to the title of the Image you choose to select.

Manage Images   Edit

Either edit the Title and/or Description, or replace with another image by selecting the "replace with new image" box, browse for a replacement picture, and click save.

Manage Images   Edit Form

Manage Images   Edit DeleteTo delete an image, click on manage images, then click on edit of the picture you want to delete and then select "Delete" on the right hand side.