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Introduction & Tips

by Thomas Massmann last modified Aug 18, 2014 05:40 AM
If you are new to the Propertyshelf MLS, this section has some helpful tips.

Adding New Listings

Select from one of the following 5 listing types depending on the property type one would like to enter.

Each Listing Type is unique and has unique entry fields. For simplicity reasons we have created standardized Tutorials that will cover all Listing Types.
  • Add Commercial Rental Listing (example: Rental of storage unit/office/store)
  • Add Commercial Sale Listing (example: Sale of bar/retaurant/hotel)
  • Add Land Listing (example: Sale of lot/farm/ land plot)
  • Add Residential Rental (example: Rent house/condo)
  • Add Residential Sale (example: Sale of apartment/home/condo)

General Tips Entering Listings

Important Note:
The fields marked with a * are obligatory fields and this information must be entered, otherwise the system will not let one continue. This is the minimum information required to enter a listing into the MLS.

Make sure one has all of the data to complete the required fields to not get timed out and loose any entered information due to a long time of inactivity on the listing entry screen. This is a security measurement to protect you!

It is highly recommended to fill in the non-required fields as this will make one's property easier to find by potential clients using internet search engines like Google which will index the information.  For this reason, more key words and more text, will result in more eyes on your listing. For example, if a potential client writes in Google “Beach House for rent with panoramic views in Playa Langosta” ones property is likelier to appear if one have included the words: panoramic views and Playa Langosta, rather than just entering beach house.