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Basic Listing Information

by Thomas Massmann last modified Aug 22, 2014 04:49 AM
This is the First Listing Entry Tab obtaining Basic Information.

Add & Edit Listings   Select Basic Information Tab

Listing Title

Enter a descriptive title for the listing. For example: "Storage Warehouse for Rent in Pavas."

Short Description

Enter a short summary description of the property. It is important to use key words to trigger the internet search engines.

2000 sqm, access for heavy trucks, office space.

Long Description:

Enter a detailed description of the property. Here you can mention any details you feel are attractive for the client.

The storage has a pressure system which diminishes the interior temperature avoiding the use for air conditioning and lowering electricity costs. It also includes 24 hours a week security service.

Object Type

Select the type that best describes the property and its use.

For Commercial Properties this looks as follows:

Add & Edit Listings   Select Object Type for Commercial Properties

Showing Instructions:

Here you should indicate any consideration that should be taken into account when showing the property.

Showing with previous appointment only or request the key from Jorge +506-2555-5555.

Add & Edit Listings   Basic Information Tab