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Add, Customize, and Edit Translations

by Zach Cashero last modified Oct 08, 2014 06:09 PM
Tutorials on how to add, edit, and customize property translations.


by Zach Cashero last modified Oct 08, 2014 06:27 PM

As our exposure is expanding to reach potential buyers across the world, one of the most important aspects of a quality listing is a good translation in different languages. Although our system will automatically generate the title and descriptions of your properties grammatically correct into 11 different languages, some descriptions can only be translated by the agent.

Therefore, one of the newest features of the MLS system is a complete reworking of the translation tools. You are still only required to enter the information in one language, but if you know multiple languages, you will greatly benefit from adding all your descriptions in each language that you speak. This will help buyers find your property when searching in other languages. It is proven that buyers around the world search in their native language, so if you create your own unique descriptions, your property is more likely to be found.

The previous tool, under the menu item named “Manage Custom Translations” will no longer be available. For those familiar with it, it allowed you to create custom translations for the Property Title and the Description of a listing. You will still be allowed to create custom translations, but now the interface has been simplified so that you can add/edit/remove these translations immediately while creating or editing an existing listing.

The Property Title and Description fields are special because they can be automatically generated in other languages. Therefore, if you do not provide a translation in a given language, the system will create one for you. However, if you know the language well enough to write a well-formed title and description, we recommend you to do so.

In addition to creating a simplified user interface, you will find almost 100 different fields in the MLS system that now accept translations. Now you will see the new translatable fields when creating/editing a listing, development, agency, user profile, or picture.

Basic Usage

by Zach Cashero last modified Oct 09, 2014 11:39 AM

When editing any field that now supports translations, you will see a new interface with tabs available for the different languages. When you are adding a new listing, you will see just one language tab (i.e. English) with a blank text field that is assumed to be your preferred language. However, if you want to add any translations in other languages, just use the Add Translation dropdown menu and select the language you wish to add. The new language tab will now be added next to the previous one.

Add, Customize, and Edit Translations Blank Field 

When you edit a listing that already has several translations, you will notice that there are several language tabs that now appear. You can switch between the tabs to see the translations in each of the corresponding languages. As usual, you can always add more tabs in order to add a new translation using the Add Translation dropdown menu.

Add, Customize, and Edit Translations Basic Usage

The Default tab is shown whenever you are editing an older listing that was created before this translation tool was available. The Default text is not associated with any specific language yet. Therefore, when editing older listings and you see any Default text, you need to copy it over into the correct language tab. In the example below, we know that we should copy the text into the English tab. Now the system will know that this Listing Headline was originally written in English. 

Add, Customize, and Edit Translations Default Before

 However, it is important to remember that even after you copy over the text into the English tab, you still have to delete the text from the Default tab. Otherwise, it will not go away. Once you have copied the text over, deleted the Default text, and hit the Save button, the Default tab no longer appears. It will appear as in the screenshot below, with only the English tab. Now that we have corrected the Listing Headline, we can correct any other text fields in the same way.

Add, Customize, and Edit Translations Default After

Custom Translations: Adding translations to a listing

by Zach Cashero last modified Oct 08, 2014 06:00 PM
A tutorial providing a general overview on adding custom translations for in your listing in several languages.

Custom Translations: Title and description

by Zach Cashero last modified Oct 09, 2014 02:31 AM
A tutorial that explains how to add custom translations for the title and description of your property and how the system will automatically generate the title and description for the other languages.

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