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How to change the status of a listing

by brian.ortiz — last modified Aug 28, 2014 04:25 PM

Manage Workflows:

On ones right hand menu the following options appear which will show in what state ones property is currently in:

Private: The initial state when a listing is created. In this state no one except for the listing agent/broker can see the listing and its details.

Submit for activation: Once ones listing is complete with all required information and photographs one can click submit for activation and it will be sent for revision.

To Activate your listings select "Submit for Activation" under Change state: see above

In review: When a property is found in review it is because CCCBR is cross checking the property for its validity with the public records, if there are liens or lawsuits, the size, and location of the property and double checking it is not a duplicate.


Rejected duplicate - (Frozen): In this state the property has been rejected because it has the same folio real as another property in the system. This can be avoided by checking the folio real before entering information on the property. Visit our folio real duplicate checker, or follow the duplicate property dispute resolution process

Rejected: This state is usually when a listing is partially incorrect or contains media that is not acceptable.

Active: In this state the listing has been approved and published and is now public for all to see.

Sale Pending: This is when a Property is being negotiated on but has not yet sold

Sold: This is when the property has been officially sold.

Withdrawn: This is when the listing has been withdrawn


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