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How to become a CCCBR Member

by brian.ortiz — last modified Apr 25, 2017 12:18 PM
The Basic Requirements for becoming a CCCBR Member


General Requirements: CCCBR Membership Requirements

1) Training course offered by the CCCBR. (Copy of certificate)

2) a signed Application Form, with all the required data.

3) Three letters of recommendation from CCCBR partners or five letters from individuals of

known moral standard not affiliated with the CCCBR. All the letters have to have a different format.

4) Copy of bachelor's degree in Secondary Education or equivalent or other higher education or

further obtained. If not, it requires an interview with the a special evaluation board.

5) Two passport photos.

6) Copy of identity card (or certificate of residence)

7) Registration and Application Process Fee to the CCCBR:

8) Regular Monthly Fee:

9) Criminal record showing that you do not have a pending trial or sentencing with the courts for a crime in the course of ones business practice, or to the detriment of public confidence in the administration of estates.

10) Proof that you do not have been convicted by the relevant bodies of the Chamber, for complaints filed against you for breach of its statutes, Code of Ethics and Professional Ethics, regulations or obvious dishonest acts.

11) Need to be an individual of legal age:

A- Costa Rica Nationals:

- Be an individual and of legal age.

- Photocopy of identity card.

- Fully excercise their civic rights in accordance with the laws of the country.

B- Foreigners:

- Be an individual and of legal age.

- Photocopy of an up to date residence certificate.

Show that you have legal permanent residency in the country, with permission to work in any activity issued by the appropriate governmental entity (indicating the date on which it was granted).

Demonstrate knowledge of the law of the country, especially when it comes to general business matters.

12) For the purposes of advertising, if you want to register a corporation of which you are the legal representative, please provide recent certification of the registered name.

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