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Create PDF Property Reports

by brian.ortiz — last modified Aug 28, 2014 04:29 PM
How To Generate PDF Reports of a Property on the MLS. This section describes the different options the Propertyshelf MLS Listing PDF generation tool offers.

PDF Generation



Print Listing: This is a handy tool in case you would like to print a report on a property or email certain details in PDF format to another agent or a potential client.  By determining the printout type, you can control which property details you want to include depending on what audience you are targeting.

Step 1: Click Print Listing from the side menu

Step 2: Select Printout Type - This will determine what information is displayed on the pdf.  An overview of each listing type is provided below.



Printout Types Overview

Client Short:
Client Shorts show only the most basic information on a property on the summary page and the descriptions and pictures on the second page.

Recommended Uses:
Window flyers
Client Teasers / Early Stage Buyers

Client Long: Client Longs include everything provided in the Client Short (Summary Page), as well as the property details that serious buyers are likely to inquire about, such as liens, insurance, association fees, financing notes, and other detailed information.

Recommended Use:
Serious Buyers
Sophisticated Investors

Agent Short: Agent Shorts include all the information included in the client long, plus the applicable buyer commission and agent-to-agent notes.  Agent-to-agent notes are only visible by other Propertyshelf qualified member agents.  Interesting facts about the property, details about a unique feature of the property that could get a buyer’s attention, or even information about an owner’s eagerness to sell, might be included in these notes.  Want to cooperate with an agent outside of the Propertyshelf MLS system?  Send them an Agent Short and let them go to work marketing your property.

Recommended Uses:
Cooperating with other Agents

Agent Long: Agent Longs can only be generated by the listing agent (and his/her broker(s).  Along with all the information contained in the Agent Short, Agent Longs provide the property address, the showing instructions, and governance comments.  Perhaps another agent who has been marketing your listing contacts you with news that he or she has found a buyer interested in viewing the property.  Contact your owner to coordinate a time to show the property, include the information in the showing instructions on the listing, and email the other agent an Agent Long.

Recommended Uses:
Middle/Late Stage Cooperation with a Particular Agent

Agent Complete:
Agent Completes can only be generated by the listing agent and his/her broker(s), and include ALL data that was entered into the MLS.  This includes owner information, folio real numbers, seller commission %, and internal office notes. WARNING: Because much of this information is sensitive, we advise against emailing Agent Completes, except in cases in which you trust the other agent completely or to disclose all information prior to closing.

Recommended Uses:
Internal Records
Complete disclosure during closing



Step 3: Select Language

Step 4: Select either yourself or the listing agent.  If you select the listing agent, their contact information will be shown on the pdf.  If you select "myself," your agent/agency information will be displayed.

This allows any member agent to promote other agents listings and protect themselves as they remain the point of contact and therefore will receive the buyer commission if they produce a willing and able buyer/tenant.

Step 5: Finally click on "Print" and the PDF will be generated.

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