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What is the contact information for?

by brian.ortiz — last modified Aug 28, 2014 06:38 PM
to register a domain the contact information is required for the following 4 purposes.
Thera are 4 categories of contact information that have to be provided
with a domain:

* Owner Contact (owner-c)
* Admin Contact (admin-c)
* Tech Contact (tech-c)
* Zone-Contact (zone-c)

"tech-c" and "zone-c" are domain administrative contacts and always
Propertyshelf (Propertyshelf manages the domain).

The "owner-c" is the legal owner of the domain. This always should be
the customer who pays for the domain. The "owner-c" can decide what to
do with the domain (sell, cancel, ...).

The "tech-c" is responsible for anything regarding "content", e.g. on
the website, emails and so on. This also should be the owner.
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