Why can my listing be rejected because of pictures

If your listing was rejected because of pictures here the most common mistakes made with images that are not acceptable.


Any listing with a picture with a watermark will not be accepted. Why? Because your listing will be promoted by other agents via our embedding services.

Picture Quality

Propertyshelf has developed an automatic image resizer so you do not have to resize the images prehand to save you time. But if the images are too bad of quality we will not accept the listing as it creates non qualified listings in the system.

Not enough pictures

We require at least a picture from the outside and inside of the house, and one bedroom. For Land listings we require a picture of the property itself, just showing the view from the property is not enough.


If any type of advertisement appears in the picture that has to do with Real Estate we will reject the listings.

All of the above are quality control measures!

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