How to add a video to your listing within the MLS


The videos within a listing play a fundamental role, since they complement all the information in the listing and provide a closer and more detailed view of the property.  Videos have been shown to increase the number and quality of leads for your property.

Pre requirements

To add videos to your listing  you will need:

  • A video without watermarks, advertisements, or contact information, according to the MLS policy.
  • A video uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or other video streaming sites. The system does not support direct uploading of video files.

Step 1 - Edit your Listing

After creating a new listing by completing and saving all the required fields, select the "Edit listing" option from the menu on the right side of the page. 


Step 2 - Find the Field for Videos

When you are on the Edit Listing page, at the top you will find the first tab called “Basic information”. Go to the bottom of this page and look for the field that is named "Video Embedding Code".

add video.gif

Step 3 - Select video from Youtube

As we said: you need to have created a video and uploaded it to a video streaming site like Youtube or Vimeo.  While in Vimeo or other video sites the displays are different, we will use YouTube as an example, as the concepts are likely to be similar.  

Once you have uploaded a video to YouTube, you need to find the “Share” button, which is usually found under the video window.


Step 4 - Copy Iframe code

When you click on the “Share” button, you will be able to find several options, such as Social media sites or email.  Usually there is a button called “Embed”, which is sometimes marked with the symbols “<>” or “</>”.  Click on that button.

YouTube will generate a code in HTML format, also known as "Iframe Code".  This code will start with <iframe…


Be aware: YouTube will also allow you to copy the website address.  That isn’t the right option, but people often confuse the two!  

You must copy the iframe code using the “Copy” button that appears at the bottom.

Step 5 - Video Field in MLS Listing

In the MLS listing that you are editing, paste the Iframe code into the "Video Embedding Code" box, found at the bottom of the "Basic information" tab.

Step 6 - How to Add Videos in Multiple Languages

As you will see in the “Video Embedding Code” field, the MLS system provides you with the option to upload the video in all available languages. If you have different versions of your video that are targeted specifically for visitors in a certain language, you can add them here.

However, if you have only one video, add it one by one to all other language options.  This does not happen automatically.  Any video is better than no video, no matter if the viewer understands the language or not. 

Step 7 - Select your Languages

At the top of the "Video Embedding Code" field you will find your default language. If you filled out the fields in English, copy your Iframe from your English video into the field. 

However, if you have a video in another language, select that language from the "Add Translation" dropdown menu, and copy the Iframe code from the video in that language.

But, if you have only one video – for example either in English or Spanish – add that video into all the other six languages.  Remember a video in the wrong language is better than no video.  


Step 8 - Saving the Changes

If you are done, click on the "Save" button to add the changes you made.

Step 9 - Review how the Video Looks in Your Listing

If you want to check if the video has been successfully uploaded to the listing, select the "Video" option on the left side menu.


Conclusions and recommendations

In conclusion: We recommend adding videos, because videos will improve the marketability of your property.  Please, do not include watermarks, logos, contact details, etc., as this violates the rules of the MLS.

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